SWENTRACK is a cost-effective solution for efficiently monitoring and evaluating internal control as required by Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) of 2002.

SWENTRACK is a comprehensive web-based tool designed to help management oversee the SOX compliance process. From defining, evaluating, documenting, testing and reporting on internal controls, SWENTRACK™ streamlines the whole process. SWENTRACK™ guides you through a proven SOX methodology developed by Swenson Advisors, LLP (Swenson), all the while monitoring your progress and simultaneously organizing your documents in a secure, convenient location that is accessible through any web browser 24/7. Access to particular components can be assigned to process owners, external auditors, Audit Committee members, or any others that may require it.

SWENTRACK greatly simplifies your internal control documentation efforts by linking key documents (such as control objectives, test plans and the actual testing) to one another. The result is a consistent approach that yields a standardized level of documentation and reporting throughout the organization. Testing can be individually delegated and monitored for each control identified. Customizable reports at both a detailed and summarized level are available to help keep you on track.

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