To Manage Your SOX Compliance

The Challenge:

The SWENTRACK Solution: Comprehensive, proven methodology to guide you every step of the way

  • A series of modules help you maneuver through all critical tasks and ensures consistent approach is used among process owners
  • Actively manage the workflow throughout the process by utilizing available tracking reports
  • Uploading of existing documentation from a previous evaluation is taken care of for you
  • Help is always just a click away!

The Challenge:

The SWENTRACK Solution: Centralized document storage
and management

  • Secure document sharing platform accessible from virtually anywhere, anytime 24/7
  • Single repository for all documents guarantees appropriate version-control is maintained
  • Date-stamping for accountability

The Challenge:

The SWENTRACK Solution: Linkage of key documents

  • Define your key controls in one place and they are linked to relevant assertions, risks and objectives, test plans and more for you
  • Seamless project reporting available in easy-to-read Microsoft Word document

The Challenge:

The SWENTRACK Solution: Reduction in the cost of compliance while building a consistent and sustainable framework for years to come

  • Data can be rolled forward so there is no need to “reinvent the wheel” and start over next period
  • Improve collaboration with the external auditors by granting them “read-only” access to your testing so they can more efficiently develop their own testing plans and leverage off of your work
  • Reduce manpower needed to complete your evaluation, both internally and externally
  • Easy implementation with no special hardware requirements

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